At EmilyGrace we understand the importance of your wedding gown

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. After all, this is THE dress. Our commitment is to providing the utmost in care and attention that your gown, and you, deserve. No outside vendors or factory cleaners, your gown never leaves our hands until we are ready to send it back to you.

Care for the Gown

Quality and Expertise You Can Trust

  • Personalized care and handling for every gown.
  • Specially trained, experienced Personal Gown Coordinator.
  • Hands-on stain inspection with black light/UV process.
  • Proprietary stain treatments customized to your gown’s needs.
  • Expertly cleaned & preserved.
  • Unique 15-step cleaning and preservation process.

Care for the Bride

Stress-Free, Simple Process

  • Simple, easy on-line registration and package selection.
  • Door to door pick-up and delivery.
  • On-line gown tracking and monitoring.
  • Regular communication through e-mail updates.
  • Complimentary Wedding Day Care Kit for “day of” emergencies.
  • Delivery box and instructions for easy packing and shipping.

The Details

Get your gown back as beautiful as the moment you walked down the aisle.  Here’s how we do it.

From stain detection and cleaning, to gown repair and bead replacement, your gown undergoes a hands-on, detailed inspection from top to bottom.

Click here to view the 15-Step Gown Preservation Process

  1. ‘Before’ photographs are taken of your gown upon arrival.
  2. Original photograph of gown sourced from designer for comparison (when possible).
  3. Gown inspection by your Personnel Gown Coordinator to identify stains and damage.
  4. Black light/UV technology applied to identify stains that dry clear like champagne and clear sodas.
  5. Stain removal by hand. Any detected stains are hand cleaned using a combination of gentle solvents and cleaners customized for the particular fabric of your gown.
  6. Expert repairs by experienced seamstress who fix any damage to the gown, including tears, loose items and replacement of adornments.
  7. Beads/sequin/crystal/pearl replacement and repair.
  8. Gown individually cleaned by hand.
  9. Multiple cleaning solutions to accommodate many types of fabrics.
  10. After a complete inspection, your gown is hand inspected, allowing your personal gown coordinator to completely focus on the final details of your gown.
  11. From there, your gown is transported directly to our “clean room” where it is readied for preservation and given the utmost care, handled only with white gloves and protected from any pollutants that may affect the quality of the preservation.
  12. Boxed with acid free tissue or muslin for gown protection and preservation.
  13. Muslin box covers for additional protection.
  14. Custom embroidered storage cover available.
  15. Full report and photographs with every Exquisite preservation.

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