1. What is wedding gown preservation?

Wedding gown preservation is the process of cleaning and packaging your gown for long-term storage. EmilyGrace uses the same preservation process the Smithsonian employs for its treasures (yes, your dress is that important!), utilizing the latest techniques and processes to ensure that your gown receives the utmost in care and protection that lasts.

2. How does EmilyGrace clean my gown?

EmilyGrace wedding gown preservation is a hands-on cleaning and preservation company. We employ the latest in green cleaning and preservation technology to ensure that your gown is 100% cleaned and preserved - utilizing only the highest quality products, handled with care.

To begin, each gown receives a thorough inspection by your Personal Gown Coordinator. Stains are treated and any crystals or beading that may have come loose or fallen off are repaired. Then the dress is cleaned by hand if possible, or dry-cleaned, depending on the gown’s fabric, using the most gentle and green cleaning technologies available. Once it is cleaned your Personal Gown Coordinator inspects your gown again. We will only move onto the next step if we are certain the gown has been 100% cleaned and restored.

3. Who is responsible for the care and tracking of my gown?

Each gown is assigned a Personal Gown Coordinator, who is in charge of your gown from the moment it enters our hands to the moment it is packaged and shipped back to you. She can answer any questions or concerns you may have and will provide regular email updates on the status of your dress throughout the cleaning and preservation process. Our goal is to make you feel 100% confident in the care your gown is receiving.

4. How will my gown be packaged?

Proper packaging prolongs the life of your gown, which is why EmilyGrace packages all their gowns using only acid, lignin and dye free materials, never pH neutral - which can compromise the long-term quality and preservation of your dress. Our 15-step preservation process ensures that your dress will look just as good in 20-30 years as it does the day it is preserved. Our packaging is water-resistant, which is important for long-term storage and transporting. In addition, EmilyGrace offers a lifetime warranty against yellowing, ensuring you are 100% satisfied with the results, even in the many years to come.

5. Will you vacuum seal my gown?

No. Vacuum sealing is an older (can anyone say “disco era”?!) technology that prevents your gown’s fabric from breathing. Proper air circulation is essential to the quality of the preservation and ensures against mold and mildew.

6. Are you a green company?

Yes! EmilyGrace is certified green by the Green Cleaners Council (http://www.greencleanerscouncil.com). You can feel confident about taking part in a process that is gentle on our environment (go earth!). Not only do we utilize the latest in green technology for our cleaning and preservation processes, we employ greener practices throughout our entire facility. Better lighting choices, water conservation methods, reducing paper usage by 72% and recycling of all paper, metal, plastic and cardboard have enabled us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and lessen our impact on Mother Nature.

7. What makes EmilyGrace different from other cleaning and preservation services?

In a nutshell, we provide superior personal attention matched with the highest quality service. We understand that your gown is more than a dress. We understand that it is one-of-a-kind with special meaning and importance to you and your family.

When you entrust the care of your gown to the women of EmilyGrace you receive your own specially trained and qualified Personal Gown Coordinator who oversees the care and cleaning of your dress, ensuring that even the slightest damage or stain is discovered and treated.

8. Can I see and touch my gown once it is preserved in the “wedding chest”?

Yes! Our packaging includes a clear window so that you may view your dress whenever you wish. Your gown preservation also comes with a complete After Care Kit that includes directions for care as well as additional protective paper and a pair of white gloves for handling your dress. Touching your gown will not void the warranty, but if you do wear the gown or soil it in any way we urge you to clean and preserve it again.

9. Can I preserve other items with my gown?

Yes! Many brides choose to preserve the veil, garter, handkerchief and other unique items as a memento of their special day. EmilyGrace is happy to include this service at no extra charge with your gown preservation. For items that cannot be safely packaged with your dress, such as shoes or photographs, we offer specialty preservation package options for your consideration. Please contact us directly for these types of requests.

10. Can I check on the status of my gown?

Absolutely! With our unique See My Gown tracking system your dress is never out of sight. It allows you to sign in and locate your dress wherever it is in the process so you never have to worry. Regular communication through emails from your Personal Gown Coordinator will keep you up to date on the status of your dress in the preservation process.

11. Will I incur any additional charges to my initial estimate?

Damage or stains requiring excessive treatment and/or the replacement of adornments missing from your gown may incur additional costs.  All recommendations will be brought to your attention immediately and options for treatment and repair can be discussed with your Personal Gown Coordinator to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results.

12. When should I expect to get my gown back?

From the time we receive the gown in our hands until the time it is shipped back to you, the process typically takes four weeks.

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